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Everything You Need to Know About Donut House Studios



There are no Donuts!

A donut at its core is joy, fun, frivolity all bound together in an endlessly creative and varied any time snack.

As artists we can easily take our selves too seriously and forget the visceral beauty that our creativity is there to invoke.

We can forget while toiling alone that our creative pursuits are in reality meant to bring us together.

Donuts never forget this, donuts are never too cool or expensive, donuts bring us together in moments as mundane as the office coffee or break or as thrilling as a seaside carnival.

Sure we repurposed a vintage neon sign and sure this may be a bit of a stretch

but sometimes life gifts you a 20 ft neon sign and you embrace it because you realize its just the thing you 

needed all along.


How much are your rental spaces

Donut House Studios charges $5-$6 per square foot for each studio space. The average studio space is $200-$300 monthly

(both larger and smaller spots available)and includes wifi and shared amenities. Check out our Membership Tab for more info


How much is Classroom Rental

Classroom rates are as follows

Main classroom : $65 a day Monday to Friday bookings are from 9:00-4:00

$65 an evening Monday to Friday booing are from 4:30-9:30

*Members pay $50 for day or evening*

Saturday and Sunday $100 a day bookings are from 9:00-4:00

Saturday and Sunday $100 an evening bookings are from 4:30-9:30

*Members pay $75 for day or evening

It is and extra $40 to book the outside patio area in addition to the main classroom (they are adjoined by garage doors)

*Members pay $30*


Do you offer drop in spaces?

At this time we do not offer drop in's however we hope to offer them soon,

stay tuned!!!

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