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Donut House Studios 

Membership Agreement and Community Guidelines

Call or text 604 831 5391 to book a studio tour

We our open for drop in Thursday and Friday 10:30-2:30

Donut House Membership Agreement and Community Guidelines

Membership includes:

A private studio space with guaranteed 24 hour access, key deposits for DHS and the Cannery are required ($25 each) Each membership includes wifi, heat, access to water and electricity (if you have high energy usage you may incur additional charges) 

Use of shared lounge area

Use of shared kitchen, microwave, fridge, coffee maker and kettle

Use of outdoor shared tables and spray booth (not yet built)

Use of shared television

Use of photo area Monday to Friday 9:00-4:00 (not yet built)

Discounts or free tickets for DHS events (not on privately booked events unless decided by facilitator) 

Free participation fees for all relevant pop ups/gallery shows

Access to community supply pantry (leave supplies/take supplies)

Use of black and white document printer (50 black and white pages per month included)

10% off draft beer at Tin Whistle Brewing

Hand sanitizer and general cleaning products

*Donut House is NOT responsible for marketing or advertising of its members*


Spaces at DHS rent for $5-$6 per month per square foot including GST. Discounts will be applied depending on your sign up date and promotions at that time. DHS will work with members to customize studio size. Early membership sign up allows maximum flexibility for customization. Sharing spaces is encouraged but spaces may only be shared with one other person. When sharing a space one person must be the primary in charge of payment and it is their responsibility to receive payment from their studio space partner. If the secondary person decides to leave the primary is still responsible for FULL payment of the space. Should the primary choose to leave the secondary will be first in line for their spot, however a new membership agreement will need to be signed and any promotions previously enjoyed may not apply.

Donut House offers monthly spots ONLY with a 3 month minimum sign up that changes to month to month. Thirty days written notice (text or email) is required to terminate membership.

All payments are due on the 1st or the 15th of the month, there are no other rental periods.

No subletting is allowed

Payments are accepted via e-transfer, cash or credit card. Etransfer is preferred.

Studio contents are to be covered by the members insurance policies and are not the responsibility of DHS. It is encouraged for members to purchase filing cabinets or use locking drawers to secure items. DHS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

​To secure your space 50% of your first months membership is required

Etransfer to

Guest policy

All guests must sign in at the front of DHS and provide a phone number should they need to be reached.

Every member is limited to two guests at one time without permission from Donut House management. 

Guests are required to be work related and not social. Please do not give your guests the wifi password.

Donut House members may meet up to 4 persons in the outdoor patio tables or the shared member table in the East warehouse (member side) as long as permission is given by DHS management. If members have a meeting of more than 4 guests members are required to book the classroom space. Please refer to the classroom rental agreement for this option

Do not give guests tours of other members spaces, private rooms (even if they are empty) or the management admin area, guests may be shown any shared spaces.

Please ensure your guests follow all rules at DHS including no smoking and or vaping on DHS property 

DHS membership can be terminated at any time for not following these guidelines 

Shared use:

Rooms are to be always kept in a reasonable state of tidiness with clear pathways for entering and exiting. 

Heaters and similar electronics are to be unplugged or turned off at the power bar before leaving. Multiple items plugged into single outlets or chains of power bars are prohibited


Food may be kept in marked and sealed containers ONLY. The fridge will be cleaned at noon every Monday ANY items in the fridge will be thrown in the garbage unless you are present to claim them.

The main and rear doors to Donut House Studios are to be locked unless there is a public event. Please be conscientious about locking doors and securing the facilities. Call management IMMEDIATELY should you notice an issue with the locking system

DHS is monitored with cameras for security purposes. There are three cameras present, one facing the front/main door, one facing the back door and one in the west warehouse monitoring the adjoining door. Video is kept for 1 week and then automatically erased. Please contact management immediately if you have reason to review footage.

The use of spray paints, aerosols, or any fumes that could impact the health or reasonable enjoyment of other members is prohibited. There is a small spray area outside for shared use

No candles or fire of any kind

No smoking or vaping of any kind, inside or on the patio area to the rear of DHS 

Special Event Permits will be obtained for both private and public functions. Members will be notified of events at least 14 days in advance.

Any damages to the building, grounds, and/or shared or borrowed equipment will be paid for by the Member

No continuous loud noises that would disrupt another Members ability to work, use of headphones is encouraged. DHS recognizes that most Members will need to make moderately loud noises occasionally to perform their work, complete quiet at all times is not required. The lounge space, patio or classroom is the most appropriate area for loud conversations.

COVID Guidelines:

Any Provincial Health Orders will supersede this document effective immediately.

Otherwise DHS will provide 30 days written notice for changes to this agreement

DHS is organized so that social distancing in an event of provincial orders or lockdown will be easily achieved. Hand sanitizer and cleaning products will always be available for Members.


Respectful Workplace Policy

DHS is a safe space that is open and welcoming to all members of our community.

Donut House Studios is firmly committed to ensuring a positive, healthy and professional environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. 

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for inappropriate behaviour and language. This includes any racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic language and or hate speech.

Failure to be courteous and respectful of other Members, staff, visitors or members of the public may be grounds to have your membership / studio privileges suspended or revoked.

Any acts of physical or verbal violence and or acts of sexual, physical or verbal harassment will result in immediate termination of membership

Please report any incidents as quickly as possible to DHS management

By signing, I agree I have read and understood the rental agreement and to adhere to the guidelines set out in this document.

I agree to:

​-Be respectful of other people's space and property and not touch or use other people's belongings without their permission.

-Treat the studio space with respect and care. This includes keeping it clean, not damaging the equipment or supplies, and disposing of waste properly.

-Adhere to all safety guidelines for using equipment and materials in the studio. This includes wearing appropriate protective gear when necessary, not using hazardous materials without proper training, and reporting any safety hazards to the studio manager.

-Only use the equipment and materials for their intended purpose and follow the instructions for use.

-Clean up after myself, clean up workspaces after use, including properly storing equipment and supplies. I am aware that failure to clean up after myself may result in cleaning fees or loss of studio privileges.

-Keep noise levels to a minimum within reason 

-Report any issues or problems with equipment, supplies, or the studio space to the studio manager as soon as possible.

-Adhere to the studio's hours of operation and any restrictions on the use of the space or equipment.

-Use shared resources responsibly (printer, scanners, and Wi-Fi) and not monopolize their use

-Be mindful of privacy, avoid lingering in other members studio spaces while they are working unless invited or welcomed. Avoid eavesdropping on conversations.

-Be inclusive and welcoming to all, avoid making derogatory or discriminatory remarks.

-Pay membership fees on time

-Follow all Provincial and Federal Health Guidelines

-Report all issues to DHS management 

By following these rules and guidelines, Members can use the studio space safely and responsibly, creating a supportive and respectful environment for everyone.


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